Sunday, December 29, 2013

Summer dress transformation

So this dress I got from Nordstrom when I was a Senior in high school! Which goes back to my number one rule of fashion, never throw out clothes you truly love! So I paired it with leggings from Target, booties from Target, and a leather jacket from Target. So what we want to do when making over your summer dress is to look at the colors of the dress and pair the jacket, boots, and leggings to the coloring of the dress. You can make it edgy by putting some lipstick on and wearing a smoky eye. Winter is such a fun time to switch up styles and add things to summer clothing to make them a "winter" style! What's your favorite summer fashion/winter make over? I wore this dress out with my husband to see Enders Game! Which by the way I would not recommend. I did however, feel very edgy in my outfit. Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I would love to know what you wore in your comments below! Even post pics if you want!


  1. beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

  2. such a cute print! =D

  3. I got them at Target a few months ago!