About Me

    So I wanted to tell a little about myself, so you can get to know me! I met my husband while attending college at BYUI, that is Brigham Young University of Idaho. I met my husband and instantly knew he was mine! It was like fate! We were engaged and married 4 months later!
    We continued to go to school at BYUI while newly married! After on month of being married in February 2010 I became pregnant with our first daughter Kennedy! I got my associates 3 months before having my baby and immediately became a full time mom after having Kennedy. My husband continued to work part time and go to school!
      We became pregnant again February of 2012! We found out we would be having another daughter and that our girls would be 2 years apart to the month! We named our next daughter Kensington. We kinda love the K names! All of this time my husband was still going to school and we were living off of student loans! To remain fashionable became a challenge for me over these years. I grew up shopping at high end retailers such as Nordstrom, and Buckle! I didn't know how to continue my love and passion of finding new cute clothes without spending too much money! Money we couldn't afford to spend! Luckily I never get rid of my clothes which saved me. I had tons and tons of Nordstrom, and Buckle clothes. But I wanted to keep up with the styles. So guess what I decided to branch out! Walmart, Forever 21, and Target became my new best friends. I starting mixing expensive with inexpensive. Guess what I found? The quality of my high end clothes was just as nice as the quality of my cheaper clothes! My passion sparked more then ever!
     My baby was 6 months when my husband graduated BYUI! I had been battling postpartum depression for my 5 months when he graduated but the experience was still sweet! My passion for life began to dwindle. Living became a going through the steps kinda process. I thought at least now my husband would get a job and we would be able to bring in an income! Guess what everyone? My husband decided and felt very prompted to go to Grad School at ISU! So we moved 30 minutes away so he could go to grad school for a Masters degree in accounting. He has now been going to school for 7 months and after one year of battling postpartum depression I am feeling like myself again! Kelin graduates and we move in April! He is interviewing for a job in January!
      So anyways, we are still poor and living off of student loans for now! But guess what? I am going to teach you the art of looking good and being fashionable on a very low budget! I am also going to show you the art of wearing make up on the cheap while looking like a million bucks. My love for this blog is huge! This blog is helping me to have passion and love for living again! While being a mother is my number one love and priority! Also being a wife! I love waking up and getting ready in the morning! I might be cleaning poopy diapers but I will be wearing an awesome outfit while doing so, because that my friends makes me feel happy! So this blog I am going to dedicate to helping women know how to look fab on the cheap and feeling great about yourself! If you have any question ever about anything on my blog feel free to ask! I am also starting this blog to make some new fabulous friends!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! It's nice to "meet" you. We have lots in common... little girls, our husbands have both been in grad school for a long time and shopping on a budget. I'm following you on bloglovin and look forward to reading along with you and your family.

    PS Did you know you are a "no-reply blogger"? It's an easy fix to change your setting and then people can respond directly to you if you wish :)

  2. Of course thanks for stopping by mine!! That'ts great that we have so much in common! Thank you for following me! I love your blog as well!!

    I did not know that? Can you please explain to me how to fix that?