Friday, December 27, 2013

How to wear a bold lip

     Ok ladies I am so excited for today's beauty post! In case you are wondering the hunky boy in the pics with me is my husband Kelin! I am wearing the same make up in those pics. And yes we are Duck Dynasty fans:)!  So for Christmas, I choose my own stocking stuffers. Do any of you do that as well, or is it just me? This year I filled my stocking with cosmetic goodies! And of course candy cane favorite! Anyway back to the subject, I decided to be brave and branch out this year and buy red lipstick!! So I never ever have bought red lipstick before! I always just assumed I couldn't pull it off. Soo many people have been rocking it lately I decided to try it out! I bought Revlon color burst lip butter number 063 Wild Watermelon. I love this shade because it is the perfect hue of red. Not old ladiesh at all! Just bright and vibrant! The picture below isn't the color of lip stick I used because I couldn't find it on their website! So because my lips were so bright I didn't want to  go to crazy on the rest of my make up. I also put in my stocking a Countouring Blush & Bronzer compact by elf. The color is St Lucia shown below.

     I bought my cosmetics from Target but I know they have both Revlon and ELF at Walmart as well. Do you want to know the best part about my elf contouring blush and bronzer? It was three dollars!! I used to be the kinda girl that would have to have the most expensive of everything. Mac bronzer for 15 bucks was my got to. I am not the type of person to use cheap make up unless I feel it is the same quality as my more expensive make up! I LOVE this brush and bronzer compact more than my Mac bronzer! So all I do, is swirl the bronzer around my cheek bones, temples of my forehead, and neck. I then use a different blush brush to swirl the blush on the apples of my cheeks swirling upward toward my cheek bones. One of the last steps to my make up routine for the day was the elf cream eyeliner which was also 3 bucks. It also comes with a brush to use to apply it to your eyes. I LOVE this cream liner, the color is Black #81160. I first apply to my bottom eye and then the top. I finished off my make up routine by applying Scandal Eyes by Rimmel in 003 Extreme Black. I do two coats to each eye and also apply to my bottom lash line. Whooo so it seems like a lot but really only takes a few minutes. And the best part is all of the make up besides the lip stick lasts all day long! I would just apply one more coat of the lipstick after eating and you are good! If you have any questions beautiful ladies please comment below! Fell free to ask anything, I would LOVE to help you out! xoxo

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