Monday, December 30, 2013

Neon Delight

Joining me today on my photo shoot was my sweet little three year old Kennedy! She is pretty much a natural:)! So I am super excited about my neon pink blouse! I got it from Walmart for 15 bucks! Now don't turn your nose up at it because it's from Walmart. They have really stepped up their game in the fashion department, at least in Idaho and Utah. The brand is Lei, so it's a good brand! The quality is also very good. Oh and I don't know if you can tell or not based on my blog, but my favorite color just so happens to be this exact shade of pink! Another reason to love this blouse! I paired it with a headband I just got yesterday from Claires! I LOVE this style of headband! I wanted to buy all of them but a 7.50 a pop I couldn't quite afford it. Husband is going through Grad school member? But anyways I am a huge fan of this style of headband and Buckle and Claires have a huge selection of them. I think they are flattering for nearly all hair styles! My denim jeggings are from Ross and my boots are Steve Madden from Dillards. Have I mentioned that jeggings are just about the greatest invention ever? Unlike leggings, you can actually wear them as pants! They are super comfy and you can get them on the cheap from Walmart. I think they are like 7 bucks? Anyways, hope you all had a fantastic Monday? What did you wear today?

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