Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tribal Thursday!

    Are you all so excited about the weekend?! I am!!! Christmas is just around the corner! Crazy right? Well to get you all to the weekend I though I would post some Thursday fun! I actually and titling it "Tribal Thursday"! So my beautiful sister Christine, got me these elephant tribal pants from Thailand! How cool is that! I loved them so she bought me a pair when she was over there! Lucky for us "tribal" leggings are all the rage this season! I absolutely LOVE mine! Wearing them feels like wearing you pajamas. So stinkin comfy! Did I mention I love comfy? So here is the good new, I don't know how many of you are going to Thailand soon, but this almost exact print of leggings is for sale online at Urban Outfitters! Just search their leggings and you will find them! So I paired my tribal leggings with yet another black Down East Basic's shirt, statement necklace from Forever 21, and my black combat boots from Bin Bon! Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying your comfy tribal leggings!!

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