Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Questioning one's role as a..

So I know this is a fashion blog but sometimes I like to talk about my own life. For as long as I can remember I have been a mother. To me that has been my role what seems a lifetime when in reality has been three years. I got married to the love of my life in the LDS Bountiful temple and became pregnant with our first daughter shortly after. We named her Kennedy! I remember first holding her and feeling more love than I ever had before! Sure it was hard work taking care of her but I would do anything to make her happy! I would do anything to make sure that not one hair on her head would get hurt! 
A little over a year after we became pregnant with our second daughter Kensington! My girls are exactly two years apart to the month not the day:)! I didn't think I could possibly love someone as much as I loved Kennedy! But my love for Kesington was equal to that of Kennedy! It was as if my heart just grew bigger.


So now to my point! My role as a mother was questioned and it infuriated me! We went to the dentist for both of my girls. Kennedy is now 3 and Kensi is 1. The dentist after examining Kennedy's teeth took me into another room and began asking me questions. I didn't know what he was getting at until he told me that Kennedy had 3 cavities. I wasn't expecting for her to have any. She brushes her teeth every night. I guess it was my mistake for not brushing them myself! But he told me her teeth were dirty and that I needed to take better care of her hygiene. Excuse me?!!!!!! I bathe that child every night, feed, wash her clothes, and make sure she is always taken care of. So don't tell me I need to take better care of my daughter. I devote my whole life to my girls and that was probably the most offended I have ever been! So sorry this post is kinda heavy but I want this blog to also be about my life so you can get to know me a little better!

We all have roles. Mothers, daughters, wives, husbands, sisters, aunts, and many more! If someone ever questions your role and says your not good enough DO NOT listen! At first I was devastated! I told Kelin my husband, "I am a horrible mother, my daughter has 3 cavities." But guess what I try my hardest everyday and that's all you can do. I quickly learned that this dentist had no clue what he was talking about, and taking offense to what he said was hurting me not him! So friends, always try your hardest and if someone doubts that feel sorry for them not you!! I dont think any of us wake up thinking I would like to fail today! So cut others some slack and have compassion on those around you! That felt good to get off my chest! Thanks for reading and yes I know I need a new family pic, it has been over a year! I will post them after they are taken:)
 and just so I don stray away from my fashion purposes for this blog I will show you the shirt that I just found at the DI for 3 bucks! Leopard and lace are kinda my thing:)



  1. What a horrible, terrible dentist :-/ I'm sorry that happened. Even if her teeth WERE dirty, how dare he generalize that to assume they were always that way, instead of just assuming she didn't brush well the night before for some reason or other. Kids get cavities. Luckily they get new teeth when the are old enough to understand the need to care for them. I'm sure you will find a new dentist who treats you more respectfully.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  2. Oh my gosh that was insanely rude! Can't believe how cute you are to shake it off the next day! You are a good example! This is something I must work on!!
    Kat |

  3. Wow that's ridiculous! I don't blame you for being upset. No one has a right to tell someone how to parent their children. Especially not someone who sees your child once a year. Kids often take shortcuts and maybe she just took a shortcut on brushing her teeth that morning, it doesn't mean she does it every day! Ignore him and keep parenting the way you have. It's easy for people to judge someone else and I bet he's not the perfect parent either!


  4. Oh my goodness! I don't have kids of my own just yet, but I can only imagine how furious and hurt you must have felt! Kudos to you for not losing your cool in the room and not telling him off. I know I would have! It seems like people have something to say about everything, especially when it comes to raising and taking care of kids. I'm SO sorry you had to go through that. I mean sometimes some people are just more prone to getting cavities! That doesn't mean you're a bad parent! What a jerk face.

  5. I loved this post =) it's nice to have personal posts every once in a while right?! But man oh man, it must of been hard not to explode at this dentist! I don't have kids, but I can imagine how that made you feel. Here you are thinking you are doing so much for you kids, and then this one person says something so negative. I can tell how much love you have for your family, I would definitely not let this "dentist"tell you how to raise your kids and tell you what you are doing "wrong" when he's know you for an hour, if that! Lovely pictures by the way =) And you comment was so sweet, thank you Kendra. You enjoy your Thursday as well girly =)

  6. Oh cavities aren't the end of the world. Let me tell ya. When I was young I had 13 cavities in my baby teeth. Some mouths are just more prone to cavities. That is why we have dentists. lol

    Your family is adorable. Hey, my daughter was married in the Bountiful Temple too. cool!

    1. Awh ~ you are welcome. and ...dang darling dimples, my dear.

  7. You have a beautiful family, Kendra! And don't let anyone (even a dentist) insinuate you aren't a good mom. You're the BEST mom in the world to your two girls; don't ever forget it!


  8. LOL girl, that dentist needs to chill because cavities is not the end of the world. Especially if its just milk teeth.

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  9. What a horrible dentist! You sound like an awesome mom and that man shouldn't be telling you otherwise. What an ass! Keep doing your thing! Your girls know they are loved :)

  10. This guy is a jerk! I had a doctor once tell me I had no right to be a mother because I was worried about test results that may have indicated my unborn child could have a birth defect (he didn't; thank goodness). You have a lovely family, are a fab parent and you should fire this blankety blank idiot! T.

  11. Your little girls are so pretty and I love your leoprad and lace! :) As for the dentist he´s quite tactless. The fact that you brought your girls to him at a very young age is very responsible of you! :)

  12. Don't ever question your role as a mother! You're a great mother, and you have every right to be confident :) He is just being jerky. You've done so much for your kids, and it's completely apparent! Please check out my giveaway, I'd love for you to enter!